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I think you already know but, I will tell again, I work (the best possible!!) to show dramas around the world.

So I will talk about them here…

My next projects are:

Already working on:

SFFS is really a killer right now, since I couldn’t be more into it…

Madly in love, with Pal Kang and the kids. Truly in fan girl mode on KH scenes (it helps there is some fan service too).  Do you want me to express myself how much I hate Jae Young?! GOSH!! She can’t redeem herself anymore. The last chance was when she discovers that her mom was trying to prevent her grand-father from finding her cousin.  And instead of stopping her, she agreed!! She doesn’t have love for anyone (even for Kang Ha) except herself.

Joon Ha what to say… In the beginning I was thinking he was too perfect, too boring!! But now, not some much, not boring and, definitely, not perfect guy either!! I like him more now (a little manipulative but not on a great scale, human if you can say that), we know he isn’t going to get the girl, so at least then lets make him in a more interesting character, where he is more complex and unpredictable than most of 2nd leads. Not entirely happy with the change, since I prefer him to be this complex and manipulative because of Pal Kang and not because of Jae Young!! I am still figuring out, what in the HELL does he sees in her!!!

Tae Gyu! Oh boy… I am really expecting to see him heartbroken in next episode. It is almost certain that it will happen… So I am feeling very sorry, since he really is a sweetheart who has pure love on Pal Kang…=(

I can’t say much about Chuno or Reputable Family, because I didn’t watch (for lack of time) them till a certain number of episodes. But from what I saw they are really great for different reasons.

Let’s start with Chuno. Shall we?

  • They raised the expectations with so much promotion and they are delivering it, is really an enjoyable drama like they make us think on the promos.
  • The actors are solid on their acting, when I watch I don’t feel (at all!!) that they are acting.
  • The directing is wonderful, when I watch Chuno, for me, it is like watching a movie in a theater on home (in my case on the computer). Makes a person want more.

Now the Reputable Family:

  • It’s more discrete than Chuno, but its simplicity makes the drama better in my opinion.
  • The drama doesn’t have big fight scenes, so the best in this drama it’s that fills a purpose. Teach us some valuable lessons and make us look to what we have done and what we can do more…
  • I like the acting, it is credible and the story make the viewer see things on a new light.

Fairytale Below Starry Skies

I can’t really say much about the drama (it only aired one episode yet). I do feel sad because its competing with Down With Love and Autumn’s Concerto. So it will (most certainly) have struggles on ratings and to get more viewers interested… But the storyline does seem pretty interesting. Let’s wait and see…

Life is Beautiful

This drama starts on 13 March after Smile, You and airs on weekends. I am anticipating this so much!! I love the female lead Nam Sang Mi since Bad Family and the male lead actor is also a good actor… And to add we have the famous scriptwriter Kim Soo Hyun and producer Jung Eul Young Chul (who is BTW the father of Jung Kyung Ho from “Smile, You”, isn’t funny?!). The producer and scriptwriter already worked together before on Mom Has Grown Horns and My Mans Woman. They both had a huge success.

Birth of a Rich Man

Like the one above, this drama starts on March, but on Mondays and Thursdays after (the hit) God of Study. Seems interesting because of the twist on the chaebol story, except that I already saw so many… But somehow I have faith… And the actors do look perfect on the roles in my opinion. Lee Bo-young plays the heir to a chaebol group who has her eye firmly on the goal of taking over the company. However, she’s a bit different from other chaebol heirs, insisting on Dutch paying for meals, enjoying cheap vending machine coffee, and using cosmetic samples rather than buying them. Her father harbors the old-fashioned belief that women ought to stay at home and keep house; she throws herself into work to prove him wrong. She meets Ji Hyun-woo, a man who believes himself to be a chaebol who was hidden away by his rich father in childhood. (From dramabeans)

The other actors are the Lee Si Young and Nam Goong Min.

P.S. Man

Twdrama and it will air after Autumn’s Concerto. From the information that they are giving us about the story it seems interesting. Since the 4 characters are leads and the story (as they are saying) is unpredictable, I hope to be original and entertaining. And I will give credit for trying to be different. Blue Lan appears to be total emerged in his role as P.S. Man. That makes me look forward to see, because it seems it really has more depth than the usual lead man. Can i say that Wen Sheng Hao is really the most charming man on the Planet? (Of course I can!! It’s my blog and my rules. I am kidding!!). Looks promising with this male leads… The female actress can go either way with me, so I will wait and see.

My girlfriend is a Nine-Tail Fox

New drama from Hong Sisters. So of course I am already anticipating this. And it helps if the main lead is Lee Seung Ki (I loved him on Brilliant Legacy), he is so cute! We don’t know much about the plot, but the Hong Sister never disappointed me before. I am kind of waiting for a good drama. Please don’t disappoint me!! =)

Love Buffet

I will wait a little more till I go on details. But since didn’t see the manga (that the drama story is based on), I think is a good point for the drama. Since I am not going to get tired of the plot (at least in the beginning). Let’s wait a little more…

So big!!! I talk too much… I am going to stop now. Big thanks to Gemini for the pictures on Life is Beautiful and for BRM. I love you my friend!! =P


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