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Hi how are you? My passion for drama let me here.  I will talk about Asian dramas since i am big fan. I will make sugetions, questions and rambling a lot on my blog.

Please forgive my english (since its not my first language), i will try getting better. I swear!!

I will talk ligth first about my sugestions… And in parts (first twdramas, then Kdramas and last but not least Jdramas). If want me to talk about more this dramas tell me i will be glad. =)

Please enjoy.

TW Dramas

My Queen

My favorite twactress is there, Cheryl Yang , she is so good. I really love her. She is not pretty like other actress but she so so so talented for acting. I like the male lead (Ethan Ruan) , he was better here than in Fated to Love You and I like more his character in this drama, its more down to earth and more like him. It’s a nice plot with good characters and good young actors. Very real and centers in a theme that I think it’s really interesting- romance between older women and younger men- perfect for a person who likes this actors, a good acting and a interesting plot.

My Lucky Star

Its only my favorite drama of all dramas (tw, J and K). I don’t know why exactly, but I loved. My favorite Korean actress Yoo Ha Na is there, so is my favourite tw actor Lee Wei to (too bad he only appears in half the series), its like paradise for me. Love, Love, Love the story and characters and all the melodrama (and I don’t like much drama in a series). When I read the description it didn’t excited me. But when I watched the first episode no one could stop me from watching the rest. I finished the series in 2 days (so sleepy that night). And rewatched several times too (that alone is so much difficult to happen, I never reawatch the dramas I like because i know how the plot unfolds so I lose the interest quickly). Good show with good actors (my favorites).

Shan Bao Mei a.k.a. Woody Sambo

It’s really silly (very,very silly), but I can’t stop liking. So I watched. I liked the story the most because it was funny (and I love laughing). The lead actors were the weak point in the drama Nicholas Teo was acceptable, I think he can do better but the acting wasn’t (that) bad. For me the female lead didn’t go so well. Probably the drama didn’t go well (like it should be) because of the silly plot (not the worst that I watched) but it’s very enjoyable if you miss the acting of Amber Kuo (I really think she sings better than she acts).

Love Queen

Other drama with my favorite tw actress (love her to death!). Its light and not much drama involving it (the exception being the supporting plot). It was the first tw drama that I watched so it deserves a nice place in my heart. Not the best plot and the supporting story can be little boring, but Cheryl Yang shines in there (my opinion) and I love the chemistry with the male lead. The plot was nice,  the weak point in the drama, wasn’t really the supporting plot (in the beginning was good, but by the end it was becoming too draggy), for me was the end. Love the story, hate the end (to no end!! LOL =)). But even with that is definitely a “to watch”.

Hope You Liked!!!


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